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We do logistics

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Modes of Transportation

Nationwide Coverage

LTL / FTL / Flatbed

Hotshot / Expedited / Guaranteed

Reefer / Drayage / Intermodal

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Imports / Exports / CFS

Air Freight / Airports

TSA-Approved Carriers / Bonded Approved Carriers

Customer Service:

Availability, Knowledge, Communication

Our goal is to make every shipment as smooth as possible for you. For every task we complete, we stress efficiency. That includes quoting, building BOLs, or dispatching the trucks. Our clients expect a timely response, and we take pride in meeting those expectations.  

We also offer system access if you're more comfortable creating/monitoring your shipments. Our system is quick, clean, and well-equipped to meet your needs. Our team will be here to help support your operations in any area.

Business Meeting

Customer Service:

Quickness, Detail, Follow Through

After the operations side is complete, our job is not done. The morning after a shipment is dispatched, one of two things will happen. We will either provide you the tracking number (PRO) from the carrier or a reason why the shipment wasn't picked up. We cross-check every PRO to make sure everything is correct for your shipment. 

We take every precaution to ensure there are no mistakes that could ultimately delay your shipment. We can provide you with the carrier's website for your own tracking or we can track the shipment at your request. We track every shipment to make sure it is on track for the estimated transit time. We complete each shipment with a POD (Proof of Delivery). If requested we can send that to you as well for peace of mind.

Customer Service: Invoicing/Billing

Transparency, Efficiency, Consistency

The last aspect of each shipment is the billing. We typically receive the carrier's invoice within a few days of the delivery. Once received we create your invoice and bill it out. All invoices can be modified to include any reference numbers you request. We want to make every aspect of shipments as smooth as possible for our clients. That includes your accounting department as well!

In the event that there is a variance from the carrier, we will reach out to you directly. We address any and all billing changes PRIOR to billing you. We will always give you the option to dispute any difference the carrier is billing us for. You will never receive a bill from us for a different quote amount without us notifying you first. We believe in transparency. You are our client and it is our job to serve you.  

Our company had a carrier dispute on only 6.4% of loads.

KLS also boasts a 91% successful carrier dispute percentage!

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