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Klimson Logistics Solutions-Best Customer Service 3PL for LTL, FTL, Reefer, Drayage Monday Recap

KLS recaps our past week below!

Last week our 2 features were with Twisted Eggroll/Nikkita Randle & Jiggy Puzzles/Kaylin Marcotte.

Check them out here and here!

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Upcoming for this week:

6/20- "Together Talks" featuring 8 Track Foods/Maggie Sadowsky

6/22 - "Together Talks" featuring Mike Fata

Industry Knowledge: LTL Accessorials

Whether you move LTL daily, weekly, or monthly this is a good review of the possible associated accessorials your freight may encounter. Check out our post from Wednesday on moving freight via LTL and the associated accessorials, here.

Feel Good Friday: 14 Year Old enters the Spider-Verse

Incredible story as 14 year old, Preston Mutanga, created an animated trailer for "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" and was then offered a job! See the full details here!

Our company is running our Charity promotion. Book your first shipment with KLS and we donate on your behalf to the Charity of your choice. Visit here for full details!

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Klimson Logistics Solutions - Best Customer Service 3PL for LTL, FTL, Reefer, Drayage

*Klimson Logistics Solutions is an Industry Leading Customer Service 3PL. Our focus and commitment to our clients has us striving to be the BEST Customer Service 3PL for LTL, FTL, Reefer, and Drayage in the country. KLS thanks you for viewing our Monday Recap blog today. If you have any questions regarding your freight operations, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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