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Together Thursdays: Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc.

KLS presents "Together Thursdays" feature # 4: Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc.

Some background on Silverback STS

Silverback STS was founded in 2014 by Troy Lowe. Silverback STS offers 3 different levels of training and 2 types of products currently. The company is staffed with 1 full-time employee and 22 contractors, ranging from former CIA/Secrets Service, FBI, Highway Patrol, SWAT, TEMS FF, Law Enforcement, trauma surgeon, ER Physicians, nurses, and also a Fort Hood Massacre survivor.

The company's three training services are broken down into the following:


  • C.L.A.S.P. (Citizens Lifesaving And Survival Program)

  • BITT (Basic Improvised Trauma Treatment)


  • STS (Surviving The Shot)


  • TECC (Tactical Emergency Casual Care)

  • RTF (Rescue Task Force for Law Enforcement and FD/EMS)

Also, the 2 products they sell include:

  • Barracuda Intruder Defense System

  • GSW trauma kits

Owner, Troy Lowe

Troy is a combat Veteran, FF, and LSCO SWAT for nearly 18 years. With a vast knowledge of industry experience, Troy decided to found this company as a way to give back. In 2014 he founded Silverback STS, along with the introduction of the Barracuda Intruder Defense System. The Silverback STS mission is to provide focused training and gear to survive catastrophic events. Their seminars prepare individuals to remain calm, effective, and knowledgeable in order to deliver life-saving interventions that are crucial to survival in high-stress situations. They strive to break people from the victim mindset and get them into a survivor's mindset. Troy mentioned that his favorite part of the job is when students have the "I get it!" moment. "That moment that hits them when they realize they have obtained a new skill to save lives!" Also, he described how he and his staff are often humbled, thrilled, and proud of their students when former seminar attendees reach out to share their experience of saving a life due to their training from Silverback STS.

Company Impact

Troy states “ The moderate success we’ve seen and the lives that have been saved boil down to one simple factor. The staff and Instructors. The staff and instructors working at Silverback are some of the very best in the world at teaching and delivering next-level smooth flowing training courses. Their vast experience, knowledge, professionalism, adaptability, and sincere desire to save lives through our courses directly impact our students. The students see and feel it and the result is a buy into what we are teaching them.”

The company has grown through word of mouth, Facebook, and its website. But their success doesn't go overlooked. In their mere 8 years of business they have worked with large companies such as Chevron, Honda, and Tesla; while also training segments of the FBI, SWAT, and Fire Departments. They even visited South America and trained their equivalent to our FBI to defend against the cartel. Their methods and training are not pinpointed to one geographic location. They travel nationwide to give their training seminars. They are also working with a company in Australia to expand their brand and provide training and products to the UK, Europe, and South America!

What makes Silverback STS unique is that the majority of their team still are employed in their full-time jobs. This means that the training is always up to date with the most current advancements in training at the highest level. They are offering expert-level knowledge simply because they want to save lives.

The staff is employed full-time which contributes to one of the challenges, scheduling conflicts. But they also see demand issues due to budgeting issues. Troy mentioned that training is one of the first cuts when it comes to departmental budgets. However, these have been overcome in all cases due to the flexibility offered by the Silverback STS staff. Silverback is also working to build a compound that allows students to receive the training on-site rather than be visited at work, which will be up and running this summer.

In Conclusion

We want to thank Troy Lowe, Owner of Silverback STS for sharing his knowledge and time about his company. It was a delight for our company to learn about the many services and products this company offers. Seeing another selfless company makes us thrilled to not only connect but promote their story. KLS is thrilled to feature them in this week's "Together Thursdays". Check out their website and Facebook for more information!

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