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CPG Shipping

One of the industries we specialize in is the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). We were first fully introduced to the industry in 2023 courtesy of our "Together Talks" campaign. We found a competitive edge in handling these types of deliveries due to our meticulous process. Delivering to large retailers and distributors can cause many headaches for clients just trying to get their products on shelves. Read below to see how we avoid those possible pitfalls and deliver desired results for our current CPG customers over and over again.

Who we deliver to?

Whether it is a small local store, a regional or national distributor, a national retailer, or even big box...we have options to confidently deliver your freight. Below is a list of the companies we currently deliver to and it is constantly growing!

  • UNFI

  • KeHe

  • Costco

  • Sam's Club

  • Walmart

  • Sysco

  • ALdo

  • Core Mark

  • Chex Finer Foods

  • DPI

  • HEB

  • Wegmans

  • Wakefern

  • Harris Teeter

  • Cugini

  • H.T. Hackney

  • Netrition

  • Chambers and Owens

  • EBY Brown

  • Nassau Candy

  • NU INC Long Distribution

The Challenges?

Many of the locations above have very specific rules and procedures for deliveries. They have limited window deliveries with appointments scheduled. Many have lumpers on site that create an additional charge. Often times carriers are detained at these deliveries which also include another additional charge. Because of how many hoops carriers have to jump through to deliver to many of these locations, not all carriers will deliver to them. That creates a very small selection of carriers we can choose from for LTL.


Lucky for you, we do that work for you. We have built a database with each location and which carriers deliver there. We do that work on the front end to avoid any delay with your freight. By building out each location with the approved carriers, we possess the necessary information to make sure transporting your products get delivered on time. Many freight companies will not go the extra mile and end up in a position where your freight is stranded at a carrier's terminal that will not deliver to a location above. This causes you delays, we avoid that. Time is money, and your consumers want to buy your products. Don't let an inexperienced freight broker mess that up for your company. Work with someone who understands the intricacies of this industry and the nuances of these specific locations. Allow us to show you how simple that process can be for you.

How we simplify it?

Each location we investigate which carriers deliver there. When a new location is presented to us from one of our customers, we call each carrier in our network to find out if they deliver to that specific location. We then build in our system the approved carrier list. That information is utilized across all of our customers. No steps are skipped, no corners are cut, we aren't guessing or taking any chances with your freight.

For dry LTL we primarily use one of ABF or Estes. The reason is that they deliver to almost every location listed above. Some locations have less restrictions so the carrier pool increases, but that is less often. We have found that ABF and Estes are the strongest carriers for these type of shipments. We have come to that conclusion over the thousands of shipments in this industry we have completed since 2023.

For refrigerated LTL or frozen LTL, we primarily use Frozen Food Express. Again, they are the most equipped to deliver to these locations on top of being nationwide which is a huge benefit for this niche service. We have exceptional rates with FFE. Their customer service is pretty good for industry comparison. Also they enable us to get quotes on our own which takes mere minutes, while most other carriers in this space require an email to be sent and it can take hours to hear back.

Our experience and volume has enabled us to truly dial in this process for CPG shipments. The way we handle the transportation for our clients in this sector brings them peace of mind. Let us show you how simple your logistics could be and should be.

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