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FTL solves two potential problems for clients moving freight, either they have too large of quantity suitable for LTL or they need it to move faster than the LTL transit time. Full Truckload shipping enables us to buy the entire space of a trailer solely for the use of that single shipment. Below we breakdown how much space that offers you, when FTL makes sense, unique options for FTL.


Why Choose FTL?


Booking a FTL move means you have 53' of space to fill. If they are standard pallets (48x40), you can fit 26 non-stackable pallets. If they pallets are turned to (40x48) you can fit 30 non-stackable pallets. If your freight is moved on non-standard pallets, let us know and our knowledgeable team can advise how much space your freight will require.


LTL freight is able to offer economic pricing because there is shared space on the truck and it goes from terminal to terminal along the transit. FTL bypasses that and it moves exclusive and dedicated. Making sure your freight stays on the same trailer for the duration of the shipment. This reduces transit time for all full truckload shipments. The typical rule of thumb is 600 miles in a day for a driver.


Within FTL we have some special features we can offer. The ability to schedule pickup and delivery appointments is paramount in this sector of transportation. FTL can also do multi-stop shipments that involve either multiple pickups or multiple deliveries. The above info depicted the benefits of transit time being quicker for FTL, well if that still isn't quick enough we can offer moving your freight with TEAM drivers. Instead of one solo driver, it is a team of drivers who make sure the truck does not stop to reset hours, instead it drives non-stop to get the freight to the destination even quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If standard pallets 48"L x 40"W you can fit 26 pallets.

    If the pallets are turned to 40"L x 48"W you can fit 30 pallets.

  • A 53' trailer can mas scale at 45,000 lbs. Most trailers don't want to exceed 42,000-44,000 lbs however.

  • KLS is integrated with All carriers must successfully onboard through their software. We have minimum requirements of 6 months in service and an active MC along with insurance.
    KLS also implements a zero tolerance policy on double brokering, alcohol or drugs, violence of any kind.

    We, along with Highway, analyze the insurance, communication, past performance history, and safety of any new carrier we intend to add to our network.

  • We have over 100,000 carriers in our network currently. We also our a part of 3 different truck boards that gives us an opportunity to constantly add new carriers to our database.

  • Absolutely! We know some shipments need urgency and thus we can source a team option that will cut the travel time in half. Ask us about this for any of your emergency transit shipments!

  • For full truckload (FTL) shipments, we are provided 2 hours free by the carrier on both the pickup and the delivery side. Anything accrued after those 2 hours from arrival is deemed detention. Detention is billed at $75/hr. In order for detention to be acknowledged and approved by KLS, the carrier must provide the BOL or POD with In/Out times and signature from either the shipper or receiver to confirm the times are accurate.

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