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Similar to FTL, this is an option for smaller quantity moves. Rather than freight sitting at terminals with LTL, we utilize sprinter vans or 26' straight box trucks to move your freight expedited. Our carrier network includes dry, refrigerated, and frozen transportation carriers for expedited shipments.

Why Choose Hotshot & Expedited?


If your product has a deadline, this is a right option for you. Unlike LTL shipments, we can guarantee pickup when moving freight with dedicated carriers. Depending on the size and quantity we can either utilize a sprinter van or 26' box truck. In addition to solo drivers we also have TEAM options available if necessary.


If you have a couple smaller pallets, a sprinter van is the best option. This option is the most cost effective due to the size of the vehicle transporting it. Sprinter vans are a valuable asset for quickly getting something delivered for a fraction of the cost of a FTL.


Using standard pallets you can fit 12 pallets inside a 26' box truck as long as the weight is under 10,000 pounds. Almost all box trucks come with a lift gate which can be very resourceful. Box trucks are a great option for multiple pallets but not requiring an entire 53' trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The most common size is a 26' box truck. They also can come in 16', 18', 22', 24'.

    For a standard 26' box truck that means you can fit 12 standard pallets at 48"L x 40"W.

  • Yes, we have carriers within our network who are hazmat certified.

    Also a good reference, any shipment under 1,000 lbs can be moved without hazmat certification.

  • Yes, the majority of straight trucks/box trucks are dock height. The only difference is the size of the trailer.

    Another nice feature is most of this type of equipment come with a liftgate. This can be incredibly useful for a location without a dock. 

  • 120"L x 72"W x 66"H




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