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Why Choose LTL?

Choosing LTL

Anything under eight pallets is best suited to move via LTL. Sharing space on the trailer with other freight allows the carries to reduce the price that each pallet is responsible for paying. Our nationwide coverage includes dry, refrigerated, and frozen transportation.

Specialized Services

Moving freight LTL gives additional set of accesorials that our carriers offer. Our carriers can deliver with a lift gate, which is required for locations that do not own a fork lift. They also can deliver to limited access areas that cannot accommodate a full 53' trailer, including residential deliveries. LTL carriers also offer guaranteed transit if paying for a dedicated option is not in budget.


All LTL shipments move via a Bill of Lading (BOL). When a shipment is successfully picked up the carrier issues a PRO number which is how the freight is tracked from pickup until delivery. This PRO number is available the business morning after pickup and can be utilized to track at any point throughout the shipments transit. All carriers offer tracking with their PRO or contact our team who will be happy to provide an update on your shipment.


The most efficient way to move your freight. Moving freight LTL is the most common form of transportation when shipping pallets in a smaller quantity. Sharing space on a truck through one of our contracted carriers, it reduces the cost for you. Check out what is needed below to obtain a LTL quote and when it is most applicable.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • KLS operates as a broker. We operate under the authority of GLT Logistics, MC number 444952. KLS subcontracts everything out with their carrier network.

  • 0.0074% of shipments moved with KLS experience a claim.

    That is 1 out of every 134 shipments.

    We offer coverage with each carrier's limited liability. We also offer third party insurance to fully insure any of your shipments.

  • The LTL carriers within our network class freight using one of the below methods. By obtaining a quote through KLS, we have the experience and knowledge to accurately quote your freight for each shipment.

    NMFC: Carriers classify by a code that is associated with a class or set of classes dependent on density.

    Density: Carriers classify the freight solely on the PCF (pounds per cubic foot).

    Dynamic Pricing: Carriers give a spot quote that is valid for only 3-5 days.

  • KLS strives to provide industry leading customer service. One aspect we aim to reach this lofty goal is through our efficiency. We aim to have any client request responded within 5-10 minutes. It doesn't matter if it is a freight quote request, a tracking email, an invoice, or booking a load and needing the BOL, we will respond almost immediately. Time is money and we value yours.

  • We call them variances. The consignee ends up using a lift gate, the carrier finds the dimensions of a pallet to be a different size, the shipper didn't give any freight (dry run), the carrier reweighs the pallet. These are some examples that might happen on a shipment.

    Once a shipment delivers and we notify you, we then wait for the carrier invoice to be uploaded. We immediately check to see if the rate matches up. In the event it does not, we will contact you with the difference, the reason, and most importantly the proof. We will not bill out any additional charge without first bringing to your attention to see if we can dispute on your behalf. You are our client, our job is to represent you.

  • For every LTL shipment there is an assigned tracking number called the PRO. This number is used to track on the respective carrier's website. When you move a LTL shipment through KLS you will receive an email the business morning after it has been picked up with the PRO and the estimated date for delivery from the carrier. We track each and every shipment until it is delivered when you will receive another email from us for confirmation. If you require a POD (proof of delivery), we can include that on every delivered email notification.

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