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The other industry we have a strong presence in is relocation. Relocation has three main sectors, commercial, military, and residential. Handling the linehaul portion of moves is where companies like KLS provide their services. We have been engrained in this industry since it's inception and dates back to our founder's previous employment. Our familiarity with the product paired with our connections in the industry allow us to provide a seamless transition to moving your household goods shipments with us. Transporting personal effects shipments across the country is a daily occurrence for KLS.

Who we work with?

  • North American Van Lines / Allied

  • Atlas

  • National Van Lines

  • Arpin

  • Dewitt

  • Deseret Forwarding

  • Cinco Star

  • Ace Worldwide

  • Stewart Moving

  • Transparent International

  • Mitchell Movers

  • Arca

  • Armstrong Moving

  • Brauns International

  • Cartwright

  • Flatrate Moving

  • Omega Relocations

Our capacity?

Household goods are typically moved on pallets, lift vans, or sofa crates. Our team is expertly trained to understand which carriers can be utilized for every shipment. Calculating cubic capacity and linear footage allows our team to accurately quote your personal effect shipments. Regardless of the volume we can move it via LTL, Volume, Partial FTL, or an actual FTL.

Benefits of KLS

Our sheer volume of household goods moves has allowed us to create constant communication and relationships with many OA/DA across the country. They are familiar with seeing our KLS logo as we are frequently picking up from their warehouses on behalf of our clients. Run a comparison quote through us for your personal effects shipment and see how impactful we can be for your linehaul transportation needs.

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