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KLS with Founder, Sean Klimson, feature #100 of Together Talks

"Together Talks" feature #100: KLS presented by KLS, freight company

"Together Talks" turns 100!

Welcome to feature #100 of "Together Talks" campaign! We want to thank everyone who has participated, supported, and interacted in this campaign. It has developed into such an amazing community and we are excited to continue to grow it here in 2024!

Today we were able to do something unique and flip the script. We want to thank our "Guest Host", Nicole Wirick, Founder of Prosperity Wealth Strategies. Nicole is a "Together Talks" alum, feature #75 on November 7th, 2013. At the end of our chat with Nicole, she proposed the idea of sharing my story. Reluctantly, I took her up on her offer and am glad she persisted. Thank you Nicole for your generosity and for helping share the story of KLS and myself, Sean Klimson.

Some Background on KLS

KLS is a 3PL with nationwide trucking for all modes of transportation. We focus on LTL (less than truckload /1-10 pallets) and FTL (full truck load), both dry and reefer. Years past our niche has been Household Goods for military, commercial, and residential in the relocation industry. 2023, we made advancements in the CPG space, now handling dry, reefer, and frozen moves for our clients dealing with national retailers and distributors daily. Working with KLS you will notice two things, we do logistics different, and we strive to provide the absolute best customer service around, because we care.

Insurance -> softball -> logistics -> debt?

At 20 years old I made the decision to graduate with my MBA. Unbeknownst to me I would enter the work force as an unattractive candidate due to my lack of experience. After a couple of months Farmers Insurance hired me as an agent. I worked there for 10 months before I faced a career crossroad. I could either continue on this path with a 5-year agreement or walk away. Truthfully, I was burnt out. I had been working 60-70 hour weeks after finishing 3 degrees in under 3 years. I knew if I stuck with insurance that would be my career forever. For the first time in my life, I gave something up and walked away in July 2013.

In between jobs towards the end of summer, I subbed for my brother's 12" softball team at Nationals in South Dakota. One day during batting practice one of the guys on the team asked if I was working, I advised him no. He told me, "If you can sell insurance, you can sell logistics, do you want a job?" I started as a sales rep in logistics in September 2013.

I had no prior experience with logistics, knew nothing about the industry, probably couldn't have told you how many wheels are on a semi, it's called an 18-wheeler for a reason ;) I spent the first-year learning as much as I could and trying to transform myself into a "sales person". Fortunately, I was able to land a legacy account that accounted for the majority of my book of business, but it was enough to show me the potential this industry possessed. Ultimately, I spent 7+ years at this position with the same company. Early on in my career there I felt a disconnect in culture between myself and the work environment. I believed there was a better way to operate within this industry, I envisioned the way I would run things if I could ever create the opportunity.

I had been flirting with walking away and creating my own agency from basically 2014 on, but it was some combination of me not being mentally ready and life events occurring to derail my plans. The biggest one occurred in 2016...let me introduce you to the dark side of our industry for a sales rep. I was on a commission structured contract which means if any account doesn't pay outstanding invoices, I was on the hook for 50% of the balance owed. In 2016, an account went dark on me owing us $50,525.00.

I was responsible for $25,262.50.

My book could not support paying that off, but I met with the two owners of the company and said I'd work for free if I had to pay off the balance, integrity is important to me. Fortunately, they were gracious and said that wouldn't be necessary. Being resourceful I devised a proposal that could benefit both parties. The account that had gone dark did FTL exclusively. Prior to this account we would go through our corporate headquarters, and they would quote, book, track with carriers for these types of moves. No offense to anyone in Arkansas, but we move at a different speed here in Chicago, IL. My pride on customer service told me to teach myself how to quote, post loads, develop carrier relationships, book carriers, track, and handle it all on my own. Adding this tool, I went to the co-owners and proposed doing FTL for our entire office instead of outsourcing it through corporate. They agreed and for the next 24 months I worked two roles to pay off my balance. In July of 2018 I was free and clear.

Fast forward to April 16, 2020, we are in the middle of Covid. For about two months I had been planning my exit. Everything was planned, except there was a roadblock that I did not see coming. Upon notifying the company of my plans to pursue my own agency it was brought to my attention that they would have to grant a release to allow me to partner with the same 3PL. After one week, they declined my request. On top of my clients not being served by me over that week, I was back to square one. I quickly scrambled and reached out to GLT Logistics in Miami, FL. Three short days after I signed my contract with them and KLS was formed on April 28th, 2020.

Bet on me

That 12-day period felt like an eternity. Starting back at 0, not knowing if any of our clients would come over and make the transition was exhausting. On top of that, I brought my sister on board with starting the company. I had her salary which I had hoped to be able to cover from the company and not my personal savings. Before we go into starting my company, I need to say this, while I disagreed with almost everything at the previous company I am forever grateful for them giving me an opportunity and introducing me to this industry. Without that chance I wouldn't be where I am today and maybe never knowing what logistics means.

With that being said, I knew I needed out. Talking with founders for this very campaign, we talk about how exhausting or draining a job can be, usually that is associated with long hours. But it can also mean being in a toxic environment. I remember driving home basically daily and just having no zest for anything, I was just spent mentally, emotionally, and there wasn't any changes that they would implement to provide a positive change. That is why I envisioned of doing things my way and ultimately decided to leave and bet on myself.

The biggest thing I desired was to be a leader and lead by example. I knew under KLS I would be the hardest work and set the bar, no one would question our effort. The next thing I wanted to change was "pecking order". At my last company there was hierarchy and no matter how successful one developed into, that was not going to change. Simply put I was capped out there. At KLS, I wanted everyone to feel part of the team, respected, and understanding they were valued and appreciated. I'm happy to say that as we enter our 4th year of business each employee has received a raise each year in addition to additional vacation days and a 401k from the start. Without caring about my people there is no business, KLS would not be what it is, it takes a team.

Nicole asked me about fears or doubts I had; I immediately went back to the debt owed. Prior to devising the second role to work off the balance I remember I had my worst month ever. My check for the month was $1,800, while some people at that time would have loved for that, but based on my production it wasn't looking good for me. I had 8 straight months of my book declining plus this debt weighing over me. I was asking myself why I am still doing this job, I can't produce. But it is in these moments you can learn about your resolve, because the truth is I know I'm good at this job, I'm damn good. It was make or break time for me.

When my debt was repaid, my book was 120% of that lowest month. When I left in 2020, I had gotten it another 100% on top of that. Like I had said, I had it planned to be a seamless transition and pivot to KLS and Monday morning everything would go off without a hitch, but that wasn't in the cards. Despite all the extra hoops to jump through in that 12 day stretch: getting acclimated with an entirely new system, accounting/customer set up, partnering with new ownership, it immediately was night and day for my mental health. I remember thinking maybe a couple weeks in or a month in that even if I make less money here, I am happy. I made the right decision. KLS operated for 7 months in 2020, it was better performing than any other year of my career. During Covid mind you. I didn't know what KLS would become, how long we would last, but I knew this was the correct decision and to see it through.

Partner with KLS
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Consistent Process

Early on in my career as a sales rep I was told it is a numbers game. The more sales calls you make, the better odds. It is a fair point, volume does translate. But confession, I DESPISE making sales calls, they are the worst. I can talk with someone in our "Together Talks" campaign for over an hour and its fantastic but calling the shipping manager and trying to convince him why the 28th broker he has spoken to this week is the best around is soul crushing. Part of being a leader is knowing your strengths, I've found other ways to source business, but even back to my early days I believed there was one thing I could control, my customer service. I can't control what type of mood the person is in on the other end of a sales call, or if they are even free to speak with me. Getting opportunities is difficult, but when I did secure them, I knew that was my chance to retain them.

As I gained more knowledge, I stepped back and reevaluated my approach to servicing my clients. Knowing everything I knew I asked myself one simple question, "If I were to have someone ship something for me, what would I expect to be done to my level of satisfaction?" With that the Sean Klimson way of doing logistics was born which turned into the KLS way. Every single shipment we handle with one objective, handle it as if it were our own. We have installed a process that every shipment is handled the exact same way regardless of the customer. We can't skip corners, we can't forget about a shipment or lose visibility, we have removed the option to not deliver consistently. Our process is the exact same way, every time.

We envision ourselves as a "no touch" service, meaning our client sends us a job and they can put it out of their mind. Start to finish we handle every step of the way and communicate along the way. Transparency is everything to us because we are working for our client. They trusted us and enlisted us to perform a service, they deserve nothing less than the truth, which is what we communicate, even when it isn't good information. Our consistency I think is what sets us apart. Whether we have a customer who ships with us once in 2024 or our customers sending multiple shipments each day, our process is the same. We never will get to the point where a customer becomes a number, we don't believe in that. Each and every shipment matters to us, helping more and more businesses grow matters to us. We remember when we first started and we were celebrating getting a quote from one of our old accounts, we were craving the opportunity to have business again. We never lost sight of how critical it was for companies to trust us then, and it isn't lost on us now. I'm happy to say 92% of our business came over after the transition to KLS, that was such an incredible feeling. And amazingly, our biggest client took over a full year to get onboarded with us. We still had an unbelievable 2020 without them. All those fears while maybe somewhat warranted, proved to be just that, fear.

We do logistics different

Our industry is saturated, literally so many freight companies, brokers, or carriers. I always joke it is like your auto insurance. Changing isn't difficult, but it is tedious, and most people stay with what they have until something goes wrong. When speaking with someone, if I can I like to share how we are different, but like I'm experiencing with this article it is difficult for me to have that outgoing mentality to explain why we are the best. And maybe we aren't the best and that is ok, but I know we are striving to be the best customer service in the industry. I'm grateful that I don't have to explain what makes us special, you can look at what we produce and have said about us.


Google, LinkedIn, our website. We have words of praise from clients we used to work with, still work with, and have never worked with ("Together Talks"). Individuals take time out of their day to speak about us, our team, our service. I'm going to give one of our favorite clients a shout out, Cate, who told me at the end of last year, "Your New Year's Resolution should be to get WORSE at your job because it is truly unfair to all the other brokers out there". I mean come on...What the heck is more validating than that. I can talk until I am blue in the face trying to explain why we are the right fit, but truthfully nothing can encapsulate that magic, I love every time I get to read something someone leaves for us.

"Together Talks"

There are podcasts out there, there are companies who might highlight a client relationship, but to my knowledge there isn't a company in our industry at least, doing anything like this campaign. Prior to this release I have spoken with and promoted 99 companies. No cost to them, nothing but a little bit of their time. Everyone asks how it started, truth is I thought it would be an additional sales arm for the company. I promote your company, hopefully you have freight to move, and we can partner together. Seems simple right? After the third or fourth edition I said to hell with that, this is different. This can be something so much bigger than one-offs. Soon after we went from one feature per week to two. The way this has developed into a community and vast growing network leaves me speechless. There are two aspects I love most about it, aside from meeting incredible people I never would have. First, at the end of every call I ask my collab partner to pay it forward/pass it on, "Who would they recommend as a good fit for a future feature of the campaign?" Second, I am now able to make connections and introductions from "Together Talks" alum, it is an unbelievable feeling being able to give back and help someone in need without expecting anything in return.

This campaign tells you everything you need to know about who we are as people first. If you wanted to work with KLS and wondered just who we are, look at the level of care and detail we give on something that 90% of the time doesn't impact our bottom line. Nicole pulled out a great quote from me, "I'm hustling, but I'm not hustling for survival, I'm hustling to build." I think it is a very different mindset. If you don't know our industry or interact with it, it is hard to understand how unique we are. We do all this extra stuff because we enjoy it, because we believe in lending a helping hand, and because at the end of the day we care.

This is doing logistics different, the only way we know how...the KLS way.

What's next

Often times during the interview for "Together Talks" I'll get told, "oh that is a good question", but there are often difficult ones as well (and even one that no one liked and kudos to Nicole, she helped me rephrase it and now it is amazing, thanks Nicole!). Nicole asked what challenges I have ran into which forced me to not only look at what we are lacking but actually speak on it. Two things and both are centered around my weaknesses. My ability to delegate and my faith in allowing others to help us grow to the next level. Coming from being a sales rep who did everything on his own for 7+ years and didn't rely on any support from the office I have had to shed that layer of skin as the Founder now. I still struggle with it and am reminded of it during our year end reviews with my employees.

Also, I get to talk with Founders basically every week about success and how we view it as a leader. It seems it is more common that many of us skip celebrating the little victories, we are either focused on what is next, what is missing, or what someone else is doing. Selfishly it is like a free therapy session for me getting to hear incredible founders share their perspective and experience. But to confide in all of you, I have the same deficiency. For me it has always been about what is next, how do I reach that next level, grow us, provide more for our team and clients. The first way I plan to address that is open us up to outside hires. I'm very protective of our company, our people, and our culture. For our first year and a half almost, it was myself and Mikella (my little sister). August 2021, we brought on Julie Priestman (one of my best friend's wife). Julie came from education and had no knowledge, much like me and Mikella, about logistics. She turned into a rockstar. She left us at the end of 2023 to go back into the education field, so this is another challenge for us to conquer. Hiring, when to hire, do I break the mold and hire someone I don't personally know. These are all things that there isn't necessarily a playbook for, and I might not get it right, I must understand that is ok. It is a process and much like our shipment process we will continue to modify and tweak it until it is just right.

The other thing I want to continue to evolve is my stubbornness. I don't vacation, I don't miss work (1 day in almost 4 years, stupid gallbladder). Consistency is who I am at my core, and we have clients that depend on us. My team has echoed I'm crazy and need time to unwind too, it is a work in progress as am I. These "Together Talks" have been such a revelation for me because it is experiences, I can see myself in. Sometimes it's a kick in my ass to say "hey dummy that is you, there is a better way out there, here is your proof". Including the incredible connections I'm making, I'm so in debt to just the genuine conversations I get to share with what was previously a stranger. One thing I have noticed is that we often want things to go a certain way or get to a destination with our vision in mind. Anyone who knows logistics knows while going from point A to point B would be IDEAL, it rarely is that easy. And I think that is a great parallel to running and operating a company. That is why despite my faults and shortcomings as a leader I believe I will figure it out, we will figure it out because the one thing I can control is consistency. Showing up each and every day (minus some newly planned vacations) and deliver on our word.

Nicole asked me what I appreciate most about running a company and honestly it stumped me. I've touched on some of the immediate changes that happened from transitioning from the last company, but there was one common thread that arose, the ability to help and create positive change. Sure, providing our services are excellent, we love helping our clients get their goods to the desired location. We love the retention and kind words they speak about us. While that is a necessity to keep the lights on, it isn't everything. It is our ability to help in more ways than just our core work. Our staff, Mikella had a two-week vacation last summer and got engaged, she is planning her destination wedding for 2025 now. Julie, we got to reintroduce into the workforce. Our clients, I walked the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago in May on behalf of B'Cuz Snacks. I got to talk to awesome brands, show off our logo and share "Together Talks", see some of our clients, and tell everyone how awesome Channie's granola is. "Together Talks", LinkedIn, referrals, our Charity Promotion - over a decade in this industry and to build myself and our company to a point where we can give back it really means something getting to sit back and reflect on my journey.

Before we get to my pieces of advice, I want to end with two important things that I spoke with Nicole about.

First, she stole my thunder, but in asking about what is coming for KLS she asked about a podcast. When I first started the "Together Talks" campaign I truly didn't know if I'd get anyone interested. I emailed as many times as I could on LinkedIn before I get the "account suspended" warning, oops. I hoped it would make it a month, but it was terrifying finding companies to book. Then I had the brilliant idea to double the work and do 2/week. But my gosh what it has turned into. Once we started getting some traction my goal was 500 features and then transition to a podcast. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked what platform the podcast was on... :/ So, this is our formal announcement...

"Together Talks" will continue as is for the remainder of 2024. Once finished we will have just under 200 features published! Starting in 2025 we will be delivering podcasts. So please reach out and let me know what you like, what you don't like, what you want to get out of this, all recommendations please share with us. We want to continue to build this thing and reach an even larger audience!

Last, I ask everyone I interview their favorite memory of their time working there or a moment that they think back on that brings them the most joy. Nicole asked me and I had so many things go through my head. From "Together Talks" to end of the year company dinners and game nights, to inside jokes within the office, to customer reviews or miracle shipments...truly I have been blessed with an amazing nearly four years. But one thing meant the most to me. About a year in we had some company swag made (sorry friends and family for the stiff t-shirts, lesson learned!). The second set were much more comfortable thankfully. Well, our pops was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2023. I talked about my work ethic, consistency, and stubbornness - he was the role model for that. This man not only drove himself to and from his treatments but worked every single day during his battle. One day while at work I get a text from Dad and it is an image. I open it and he is at treatment with oxygen in his nose, a thumbs up, a big ass smile, and our KLS shirt on, "Wearing your shirt today big guy. Hope you have a good day. Love Dad." I mentioned that Sweet and Snacks Expo, I went to in May, I attended on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had considered going on Thursday but felt missing two days of work was enough stress on my team. That Thursday morning, we received the worst call of our lives. Dad had tragically and suddenly passed away. World turns upside down with one call.

I remember when I was getting close to starting KLS I was working at home due to Covid at the time. So, I'm working on the dining room table and he was home (he worked as a district manager for Keurig Dr. Pepper) also due to the restrictions. During the 12 days of my inactivity, he started to get suspicious. He was the last person I told, because well Dad didn't take news very well, he was dramatic and animated and a worrier. When I finally told him I quit and was starting my own company he was shocked. After he passed, I'd talk with my Mom and she'd tell me about the conversations they had during that time and he'd ask her, "What the heck is he thinking? Can he even do this? What if he fails? I'm so worried for him!" It wasn't out of doubt, because our Dad raised us that we could do anything, and he would support us to the max. What he didn't want was his kids to struggle or not have the best, he was the ultimate provider. Once KLS started and he saw the success, damnit if he wasn't our biggest supporter. He was so proud and anywhere we went the first thing he'd say when he introduced me is I own my own logistics company. So, I cherish that picture from my Dad because it means everything, family and business and creating a difference.

Piece of Advice

The conversation with Nicole ended with her asking my pieces of advice. We shared a joke that I can plagiarize the incredible nuggets I've previously received, but ultimately it came down to two things.

1 - Bet on yourself when others can't see the vision

I didn't have anybody to lean on when I started my business, I ventured out into the deep end with no guidance. I also was doing a complete home teardown and rebuild at the same time (that is also advice, I don't recommend both!) But this was the first time in my life I think I was ok with failure. Maybe not so much now, but I knew I was meant for more than what that sales role could offer me. I believed I could provide a better life for myself, those that would join me and work with me, and ultimately by being a better version of myself I could help my clients more. I finally got the courage to say we are going to test this and see if your vision can become a reality. It wasn't easy, it tested my willpower and drive to see how bad I want this. But like most founders/entrepreneurs say, once you work for yourself it is hard to go back. But until you believe in yourself despite if anyone else does, then wait to jump.

2 - Everything works out

I joked with Nicole because my Mother uses a saying, "Everything happens for a reason". I'm not the biggest fan of it, I feel like it is a slight cop out, buuuuut I'll admit there is some truth. I'm a big overthinker, that is probably one of my biggest weaknesses. However, I'm extremely practical and rational. I can compartmentalize, separate what is important and necessary to require my energy and what isn't worth it. I know where to focus my time and energy and not drain it on things that don't truly impact me, our team, my business, family etc. Where I do waste my focus on is the future, trying to plan or devise how I am going to reach it. I have these ideas of the path to follow to reach goal X, but the truth is when does anything in life go according to plan like that? Whether it is paralysis analysis or getting in our own way, we have this view of how things should go or how we think they will go. Guess what, life happens! I never thought we would get to the level we did, year two was unbelievable. There were times I questioned my place in this industry, wonder if we were going out of business, if this was the right call and sustainable. But we show up every day. I go back to the values both of my parents instilled in me, give your best and do the right thing. I'm almost four years into this and I can say things have a way of working out. Maybe it doesn't fall into place when you expect it (example our biggest client taking a year to transition over), but we learned to survive without them and then they were a huge bonus in 2021. We don't always understand why things happen at the time they do, but just stick it out and you'll be rewarded. Maybe not in the way you wanted or hoped, but sometimes in the way you need. It isn't always about results or success, sometimes lessons are more valuable because it is going to help propel you to this next level you never dreamed of.

Special Correspondents

In addition to the graciousness of Nicole, we also had the idea to have a small roundtable discussion with some of our past other "Together Talks" Alum. We want to thank the 4 incredible women below for taking time to give back and contribute to our special 100th episode release!

You've built a successful logistics business in the US, what inspired you to venture into the CPG space? Prior to "Together Talks" we had a few clients who moved food products, but not as their core business. In trying to book out our features we talked with a food broker and then some food and beverage companies. We loved the stories of the Founders and just dove further and further in. As time passed and we became more engrained in the CPG industry we now can offer real expertise when it comes to logistics and dealing with regional and national distributors.

Over the course of 100 episodes you've interacted with a wide array of CPG Founders and industry experts. What are some of the surprising insights or common themes you've discovered about the CPG industry.

How unbelievably kind everyone in the industry is. Regardless of niche, people are just willing to help. Some of the best connections and introductions I've made have been in the CPG space. That community embodies what I believe our "Together Talks" campaign's pulse is, to help. We are helping companies and individuals get additional exposure and providing our network, resources, and knowledge to help guide them in any way we can assist.

Running a logistics company and successful bi-weekly newsletter requires a unique skill set. How do you balance the two demanding roles and what lessons from your logistics business have you applied to your "Together Talks" journey?

I try to be as efficient as possible, but it is a very time consuming task twice a week. Quick calculations puts this at about 6 hours minimum every week to source new collabs, interview, write the article. Time management is the easiest, which is a necessity in logistics. I'd say it less about qualities, but instead lessons that I am able to take away from my conversations and implement in my day, business, or even life. It is a tedious process, but seeing what it has become today, I'm grateful we saw it through. I can't wait to reflect back again at the end before we transition to the podcasts!

What has been the most memorable moment or interview from the first 99 features and why did it stand out to you?

Elsy asked me the same question first so I saved my answer for you and gave hers a different approach. But scrolling through the 99 features it was impossible to pick just one interview, but I can say reflecting back there is one moment that still is crazy to me and that was our chat Jia. Learning about you, your Mother (the inventor of the hotpot), your family's legacy. It is just surreal to me that this small idea has blossomed into something that allowed us to connect, meet, and me to learn your story. It still blows my mind.

How did the idea of "Together Talks" come into place? This was not my idea. I have to give credit to Ali Birmingham. She was helping me do some SEO stuff and she had found a small picture in a magazine that highlighted a company and how they were doing good with donating part of their proceeds. She asked me, "What if you do something like this, interview a VP or CEO?" I kicked the idea around for a bit and decided to give it a shot. Initially I thought it would ultimately turn into an additional sales arm for KLS. After the 3rd or 4th interview I wasn't sure how long this would last, but I understood it possessed a much bigger meaning and potential than my initial thought.

Who was the first interview and how did you find companies to collaborate with? Rafter Equipment - January 12th, 2023. I still struggle with this, but we love referrals from those we interview, we call it "Pay it forward/Pass it on". We will cold email on LinkedIn and IG trying to drum up interesting companies that we think would make for a great feature. Which has been the most memorable interview and why? Thanks Elsy for asking the most difficult question! There are three ways I want to answer this question.

1 - Selfishly, the incredible insight I get firsthand from these extraordinary people is so invaluable. Weekly I am speaking with multiple people and able to use their experiences to make changes in my career and life.

2 - Our chat Elsy will always stick out in my mind. We had I think 3 separate revision calls, haha! But it was about you getting the message just right to provide guidance and encouragement for women in this space to pursue their true potential. The fact that you were so invested and concerned about making sure it was just right spoke volumes and I'll forever remember that.

3 - The 5 women who helped me craft this feature. Out of 99 interviews, these incredible women were the ones who asked what they could do to return the favor. The little things have always mattered to me personally, but I think how they offered to give back just embodies the meaning and message behind this campaign and what makes this community so special.

How do you fit this in with a full time job, this seems like your passion project

There are things that are energy drainers and energy givers. Rarely do I have a "Together Talks" conversation and it doesn't change the mood of my day. It is fulfilling and rewarding and just is constantly teaching me something. A silly little 45 minute conversation, yet it provides so much insight and valuable information for so many people is so incredibly cool. The ROI might not be there from a business perspective, but from a fulfillment aspect it more than delivers.

If you could interview 1 person for this, who would it be?

Jake Karls. Aside from the sheer reach and exposure, I just think getting a first hand account of the company they have built and story they have told would be so incredible. I've had him suggested a few times in our "Pass it on/Pay it forward", fingers crossed!

Oni Colston

Can you tell your readers and potential clients about your upbringing?

My parents were married my entire life. I have an older brother and younger sister, who has worked with me from the beginning. The thing that they always preached in us and kind of demonstrated was hard work. Whether that was education, sports teams, which we played on, or our jobs, just making sure you're giving your best and not quitting, kind of seeing things through. They were both great, great role models in terms of working incredibly hard and luckily for me that, that part of the DNA passed down.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start a logistics company? Find a company who can actually teach you the basics of handling freight. The sooner you can pick up that the quicker you can build your book of business. And be willing to walk away and start over once you understand how to manage and grow a book. Find the right fit that will maximize your potential.

If a stranger came up to you and said, Sean, I am thinking about starting a business, and I don’t really have anyone else to consult with, what advice can you give me?

Read our "Together Talks" articles. It is free advice, experience, consultation from those who have walked a similar path and survived. It is a TREASURE CHEST of valuable information and insight for any aspiring entrepreneur.

When you hear the word logistics, what comes to mind? WORK. But aside from occupying the last decade of my life it is opportunity and being grateful for the life and career it has allowed me to create.

Charity Promotion!

Our company runs a year wide promotion we call our "Charity Promotion". It is simple, book your 1st shipment with us and we donate to the charity of your choice, on your behalf.

Click here for more details.

Last year here are a few of the charities we donated to on behalf of our new clients!

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Navy Seal Foundation

Project 24


Project Hope

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In Closing

KLS and myself wants to thank these 5 incredible women (Nicole, Jia, Elsy, Charlie, Oni) for their support and contributions to make this feature possible. Without them this would not have happened, thank you to each of you for your kindness!

KLS can be found at the following social platforms!

Together Talks with KLS special feature #100- presented by KLS, Klimson Logistics Solutions, freight company

Klimson Logistics Solutions - Together Talks with KLS special feature #100

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